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I'm looking for a cleanup artist to clean and color a large batch of drawings. You must know how to use Adobe Flash and how to clean and colour roughs that are nested inside symbols. The roughs will be quite refined and clear to be as straightforward as possible.

In the body of your email please include:

- images which show your cleanup ability
- A link to your folio or website
- A price estimate to clean and colour a 100 full body pose drawings. You can use the below image as a ballpark on the level of complexity. Characters are flat cel-shaded with a single shadow layer. All black outlines.…

Send to this email address

Project is for a 2D animation. Comic book/anime style. I can't give away too many details on the project, but if you could please provide the above it will help me to make a selection.

Thank you.
I need 80 background images for a 15 minute video game cutscene.

The characters are 2D cartoon, anime/comic book style. I prefer the anime or painted background look but I'm open to your style. There's a lot of these to do, so an efficient and effective style will work best. We need these to be completed over the next few months with the last of them to be finished at the end of January.

Composition layouts and solid reference of each background will be provided, along with a storyboard animatic.

We don't require a firm commitment on price until you've seen all of the production materials, but since we can't show a whole lot at the moment due to NDAs, a ballpark figure on costs would help a tonne. If you have examples of different levels of production quality/detail that would help too. We're open to different styles as this stage, so long as it's going to work in animation. 

Please send your samples to    jameslee03 (@)

Thank you!
I'm looking for an artist who's skilled in black and white manga illustration.

- I require about 40 moderately simple panels to be roughed by the end of next week

- Illustration will be used in a video game cutscene

- Final cleanup not required for another month or two

- Solid visual reference will be provided. Layout for each panel will be provided in .PSD along with a 'dirty rough' of pose and composition of the panel. I need someone to do a second pass who better knows anime style for client approval. Script will also be provided, but the panel flow will already be somewhat locked down.

- Character art will need to be provided on a layer separate from backgound art

- The manga is martial arts themed. If you can draw male muscles, action poses, good expressions that will help you application.

- The piece is a 'parody' of manga in some ways, so if your style is more western in it's look, please apply anyway so long as you understand some of the visual manga cliches.

- Send samples of your work to jameslee03(at) and an approximate cost for a)the roughs  and (b) The cleanup/line work. Let me know if you have any questions via email.

Thanks everyone, looking forward to seeing your work!


James Lee
Current Residence: Brisbane Australia
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Alternative, Electronic, Classical
Favourite style of art: Characters, Cartoons, Animation
About a month ago I had the pleasure of working with one of my favourite bands, 'Johnny Hollow'. They needed some Flash animation for their IndieGoGo crowd sourcing campaign.
It was a huge buzz working with them and one of the most fun projects I've worked on. The video is up online now. My work starts about 30 seconds in, and is spread out through the video.…

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